About Kyoto: Environment in the Vicinity

Kyoto City

Kyoto city, in which Kyoto Prefectural University is located, prospered as Japan's capital from 794 to 1869. At present, as the center of Japan's culture and tradition, Kyoto is still attracting many people. The city area and its environs are dotted with temples, shrines and castles, which are highly valued cultural assets. Among them, Rokuonji Temple (popularly known as Kinkakuji Temple or Golden Pavilion), Kiyomizu Temple, Nijo-jo Castle and fourteen other temples and shrines have been registered by the UNESCO World Heritage, as "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto." In summer, the Gion Matsuri Festival is held, one of the big three festivals in Kyoto, and large numbers of tourists from home and abroad enjoy the main events of the Festival, Yamahoko procession and the evening festival held the night before.

Around the University

Kyoto Prefectural University is located in the northern area of Kyoto, and accessible in 15 minutes by subway from the Kyoto station. It is surrounded by cultural facilities such as the Botanical Garden, Prefectural Museum for Historical and Literary Research Materials and Kyoto Concert Hall. The quiet environment near the Kamo River and Mt. Hiei offers a most suitable atmosphere for learning.