Campus Life

During university life students enjoy a time of great freedom. However, they are also required to develop a strong sense of responsibility and self-awareness as young adult members of society. In order to assist them with making the most of campus life, the university offers various kinds of support:

-- Some scholarships are available, including those by the Japan Student Services Organization(JASSO)

-- The student affairs section introduces accommodations for lodging and part-time jobs. 

-- The university has an infirmary for students to promote a healthy life both in mind and body. The infirmary provides advice and guidance for health care of students, through its annual health checkup and monthly counseling on mental and physical health. A consultation room is available every other day, where students can freely ask advice on student life and their future course. Counseling by a clinical psychologist is also available weekly.

-- There is a support group organized by parents and guardians which offers economic assistance to students in circumstances such as medical expenditures for students who have been injured, expenditures for the purchase of equipment and articles necessary for extracurricular activities and job hunting, and the expenditures for books requested by students and donated to the library.