Introduction of University Facilities

The university has a variety of facilities which support and promote extracurricular activities for students such as a University Hall equipped with a multi-purpose hall, meeting rooms and a lounge, and a Second Gymnasium with a martial arts hall, training room and table tennis practice room. In the basement of the Administration Building, there is a cafeteria and co-op store financed in part by students and teachers of the university.


libraryThe present library opened for use in 1974. The open-stack reading room has approximately 55,000 volumes out of a total stock of 390,000 volumes providing an extensive range of books from basic to specialized works in a comprehensive range of fields. The library provides computer equipment for Internet searches, etc., and subscribes to magazines and newspapers that allow users to obtain the most up-to-date information.
Beyond these impressive offerings, the library has an audio-visual room with audio-visual equipment and functions used for lectures and research presentations, a common laboratory for research meetings, a study room and salon for students, an anteroom used for meetings and small-group classes, all designed to provide a wide variety of study support at school.

The most important role of the university library is to function as a center for academic resources that support the university community and provide the foundation of research and education. To fulfill this important role, we promote the continual collection and accumulation of academic information by, for example, accommodating student requests for the purchase of books, and providing a system to make such information available to users through reference services managed by specialized librarians. In addition, we also promote the expansion and smooth operation of book exchange services with other university libraries to provide study support for both undergraduate and graduate students, and continuously work to improve services that provide support for students studying to obtain various certificates and licenses.
Furthermore, as a prefectural university, it is essential for us to contribute to the advancement of regional culture. We strive to operate as an open library that functions as a place to provide academic information to Kyoto Prefecture's general public.

University Forest

演習林Kyoto Prefectural University owns forests -- Experiment Forest -- in six locations throughout Kyoto Prefecture. Each Forest Facility has various characteristics, including an artificial forest of cedar and cypress, and a natural forest of beech trees covering a total of over 710 ha. At each Forest Facility, we carry out outdoor forest seminars for students, and research by students and teachers in the Department of Forest Science. We also open certain sections of the Forest Facilities to the general public through Outdoor Forest Seminars.

University Farm

This farm was opened in April of 1997 and covers a wide area of approximately 9.7 ha. Its modern facilities, including a farm-management building with an analysis and training room, attached facilities such as a rock wool greenhouse and a cowshed, and a field with an area of about 3.5 ha, are utilized for practical training.

The Faculty of Agriculture carries out cooperative research with the adjacent "Kyoto Prefectural Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology" engaging in fundamental research particularly in the fields of genetic engineering and cell technology.