In April 2008, Kyoto Prefectural University was turned into an independent administrative corporation in accordance with the Law Concerning Local Independent Institutions. The structure of its faculties and graduate schools was reformed with this change. The objective of the university is to contribute not only to the wellbeing of regional society but also to the advancement of domestic as well as international societies. We aim to achieve this objective through cultivation of talents equipped with highly specialized knowledge and sound ethics, through improvement of health and welfare of the residents of Kyoto Prefecture by applying the products of research work and other activities in cooperation with various actors in the university and regional community, and through contribution to dissemination of Kyoto culture and promotion of sciences and industries. Based on the long history over a century of Kyoto Prefectural University and in succession to its achievement, we will strive to continue high-level research and education as an intellectual base in Kyoto Prefecture, taking into account the characteristics of research and education expected of a university open to the residents of the prefecture.