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Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences

Division of Applied Life Sciences
【Master's and Doctoral Courses】

The Division of Applied Life Sciences concentrates on the multidisciplinary fields of studies dealing with microorganism, plants, animals, and humans. This division provides students the opportunities to research for various issues with which we are confronted in life science, by the use of sciences and technologies in a broad range of fields, including (1) food science, which seeks food functions and safety, (2) food production science, which forms the basis of food science, (3) biotechnology, which reveals and applies the functions of plants, animals, and microorganisms, and (4) life and material science, which investigates substances which are crucial for life and environments. The research aims to develop a new technology for the improvement of human welfares and the conservation of global environments. Our program is designed for students to acquire widely diverse academic and research experiences and to become experts showing leadership in these fields.

Division of Environmental Sciences
【Master's and Doctoral Courses】

The basic philosophy that underlies research and education in the Division of Environmental Sciences is the protection of the environment as the element that organically interrelates every aspect of life, from the immediate living environment to the global ecosystem, based on our recognition of the reality that human life can only exist within the natural environment, making it essential for us, therefore, to contribute to the development of a sustainable global society. The Division of Environmental Sciences includes forest ecosystem, disaster prevention and conservation in mountains regions, wood-based resources, landscape architecture, city planning, architecture, housing, designing, indoor conditions, informatics, and mathematical science based on a unique composition that allows students to seek and examine the various environmental factors surrounding mankind and the interactions between mankind and the environment. In this research and educational environment, we develop human resources equipped with a broad perspective, practical skills and high-level specialized knowledge in the fields of forest science, living environment science, and applied mathematics and informatics environment.