Laboratory of Architectural Planning and Design
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Welcome to “Laboratory of Architectural Planning and Design”

Kyoto Prefectural University
>Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences
>> Division of Environmental Sciences
>>>Human Life and Environmental Sciences

Assoc. Prof., Shinsuke KAWAI, Dr.Eng.
Address: 1-5 Hangi-cho, Shimogamo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8522, Japan

Outline of our laboratory
  Topics of research of this laboratory are an architectural plannings and architectural designs. The target of the
research is to construct a comfortable, reasonable living space.
  For that, we analyze how to use the spaces of the action, the operation program, etc. and the developed life.
And, the function evaluation of the space is done, and optimization of relation between life and space is attempted.
  As a result, we are aiming at the creation of a new concept, the type, and the design based on the life realities
and the functionality.

Example of theme
#1 A Basic Study On Gradual Composition Of Locations For Nursing Activities In Relations To The Locations Of
#2 A Study on Evaluations of Research Facilities and its Utilization -in the Case of M University-
#3 Problems of facility from the viewpoint of corridor use -Toward a study on usage planning-
#4 Life-style and Environment Evaluation of Inpatients -A Study on the Planning and Design for Multi-bedded Room
in Hospital Architecture Part 1-
#5 A Study on a Design Education Based on the Duality of Material-Spacial Structuires -A Proposal for a Process
Model Applied to Design Education-
#6 A Proposal for a Process Model Conforming to the Space-Mass Duality in Architectural Design
#7 Evaluation Of The Material Management And Supply Systems’ Modeling Through The Material Flow -A study on
the connection with departments of hospital Vol.1-
#8 The Amount Of Material Transportation Through The Material Management And Supply Systems -A study on the
connection with departments of hospital Vol.2-
#9 A Study Of Stock Management And Supply Systems Through Modeling And Estimation On The Changes With
Advancements In Information Technology
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