Position Name E-mail
Professor Masanori KATSUYAMA katsu


Grade Name Research Topic
B4 Rikuro ASANO  

Past Members

Name Research Topic
Kohei SHIMADA Estimation of 50-year variation of sediment discharge in a forested catchment
Misuzu TANAKA Formation mechanism of groundwater silica concentration by leaching experiments
Nonoka MINESHIGE Detection of spring water along the river channel identified by thermal infrared images
Yohei ASANO Deep infiltration processes between adjacent subcatchments
Chisato SHINCHO Groundwater dynamics in an accretionary sedimentary rock mountain
Mizuho TSURUTA Vapor transport and precipitation processes in the Kinki region
Rui YAMAUCHI Inter-regional comparison of groundwater isotope ratio fluctuations
Yutaro TAKAHASHI Denitrification process with nirate isotope
Ryo TAKIZAWA Groundwater dynamics with Sr isotope
Haruta NAKANO Soil structure and stable isotope in soil water
Natsuki SHIBATA Electric conductivity of streamwater